where yadis fits in

Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Sun Mar 5 17:24:53 UTC 2006

On 2-Mar-06, at 3:23 PM, Grant Monroe wrote:
> Yadis is simply a way for a user to advertise their services through
> their identifier. A reasonable thought to have is that you should only
> have to discover one service that can tell you about all the other
> services. In this view of the world, the other services associated
> with an identifier are no different than the email address or credit
> card info. This has some nice properties. The protocol for this master
> service could let the owner of an identifier present a customized list
> of services to the requesting entity. I think that this fits under the
> description of directed identity (i.e. the user has control over what
> claims are made to who).

NOTE: I don't think your use of directed identity here is what Kim  
Cameron meant by directed identity.
Since each requesting entity has the same identifier, they all know  
it is the same user, and could collaborate and share identity data.  
In order for there to be unidirectional identity, each requesting  
entity would need to be given a different identifier.

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