Question for LID & TypeKey with Yadis identification

Johannes Ernst at
Tue Mar 7 04:54:25 UTC 2006

> I have two question for Yadis working with LID and TypeKey.

Let me try and answer the first one. I don't know the answer to the  
second one.

> 1.
> UA gives Yadis URL to RP, like this:
> And RP finds Yadis Resource Descriptor, which shows:
> <xrds:XRDS>
>   <XRD>
>     <Service>
>       <Type></Type>
>       <URI></URI>
>     </Service>
>   </XRD>
> </xrds:XRDS>
> This case, needless to say RP can identify UA by interacting with
> on LID protocol.
> But, RP should identify UA as :
>   a.
>   b.
> which is correct?

Chances are that if the user entered, they  
wanted this to be the URL that is being displayed visually. (just  
like the OpenID convention)

> If case a. is correct, Yadis protocol can work like OpenID's delegate
> specification with LID.
> Is this true?

Yes. That was one of the use cases we all wanted to support from the  
very Yadis beginning. Now we got more, because each Yadis service can  
have its own service endpoint, so Yadis is actually substantially  
more flexible than either LID or OpenID were before.

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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