Yadis and OpenID: openid.server vs X-YADIS-Location

Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Thu Mar 9 21:01:02 UTC 2006

On 8-Mar-06, at 11:48 PM, Martin Atkins wrote:

> I remain a little concerned about adoption of Yadis by users of  
> OpenID.
> Here's why...
> For backwards compatibility, OpenID identities will probably be
> generating the OpenID-specific openid.server links for some time.
> There's no point in debating this, because it's going to happen  
> whether
> we like it or not.
> Now, in order to do Yadis, one has to fetch the identity URL and look
> for the Yadis URL. In the process, (unless using the HEAD  
> optimisation)
> the relying party has fetched the document containing the  
> openid.server
> link, so it now knows the URL of the OpenID server without  
> bothering to
> bear the extra overhead of fetching the Yadis document. Yadis has, for
> all intents and purposes, been bypassed.

Sounds like it works for people even if it is bypassing Yadis.

What value would they get from looking at the Yadis document?

-- Dick

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