Specification question for implementation

OHTSUKA Ko-hei nene at kokogiko.net
Fri Mar 10 06:53:01 UTC 2006


I have two questions for implementation.

 Yadis 0.92 specification says,

 If the response includes both a content-type response-header specifying
 MIME media type, application/xrds+xml and a Yadis Resource Descriptor
 URL, then the Yadis document is located by that Yadis Resource Descriptor URL.

 But, if such case, access become eternal loop.

Accessing URL :       http://id.example.com/
Content-type header: application/xrds+xml
X-XRDS-Location:      http://id.example.com/

 Yes, I can ignore X-XRDS-Location if accessing URL is same with it.
 But if redirection is take a part ( like X-XRDS-Location:
 -> http://id.example.com/), it become loop.

 How I do?

 My now implementation is only first time ignore application/xrds+xml
if it comes
 with X-XRDS-Location.
 Second time they comes together, I deal it as Yadis Resource Descriptor URL.

 If Yadis URL is redirected, which URL shoud be used?
 User's input one? or final redirected one?
 Same problem occurs in Yadis Resource Descriptor URL.

 My implementation use final redirected one now.

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