how different is OpenID from SXIP?

Dan Connolly connolly at
Wed Mar 15 14:45:18 UTC 2006


I'm writing from a W3C workshop on usable authentication.

I've studied OpenID in some
detail... played with the code and deployed it in a trial setting*.

I hear about SXIP now and again. I found their web site, which has
very high level stuff, as well as low-level protocol specs, and I think
some code. But it doesn't have the "here's how SXIP works..."
blurb like the OpenID homepage has.

I wonder if somebody could do me a favor: tell me to what extent
SXIP is isomorphic to OpenID?

I'm sorry for not writing sooner. I meant to do my own homework,
but didn't manage.

* I reviewed the OpenID spec a while ago, but didn't send
my comments here because I wasn't sure I had time for
follow-up discussion. My notes are at:

Dan Connolly, W3C

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