how different is OpenID from SXIP?

John Merrells merrells at
Wed Mar 15 19:38:32 UTC 2006

Just to clarify a few things there... and provide some references.

On 15-Mar-06, at 11:13 AM, Johannes Ernst wrote:

> SXIP, the company,

The company is called Sxip Identity, so different capitalization there.

> has designed a "vertically integrated system" that contains things  
> such as authentication and profile transmission in an integrated  
> whole which centers around their "DIX" protocol.

SXIP 2.0 is layered on top of the DIX protocol. DIX is specified as  
an individual submission internet-draft, which is up for discussion  
at the upcoming IETF meeting in Dallas.




More accessible description of the protocol here:

(Note more documents and html versions on their way.)

> There is currently one implementation (right?) from SXIP, in  
> several languages (I think).

Sxip have implemented a number of endpoints, in several languages:

Homesite Reference Implementation: Perl

Membersite Developer Kit: Perl, PHP, Java

Third-Party Plugins: Media Wiki

Code here...

Other third parties have/are building further endpoints, including
a Drupal plugin, Ruby MDK, Coldfusion (?), and a RedHat Fedora
Directory Server Homesite.

Additionally, for completeness, endpoints are up for interop testing:

And, we have a demonstration application built on the SXIP 2.0
platform that solves a real problem and allows users to build up
a reputation around their 'persona'.



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