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You'll find overview diagrams of XRI resolution in section 1.1 of the XRI
Resolution 2.0 Working Draft 10 specification just posted by the XRI TC.



I should clarify though that XRI is strictly an abstract structured
identifier syntax and resolution protocol and not an authentication or data
sharing protocol, so it's not something you can compare with LID or OpenID
or SAML. From that perspective you can think of it as "an identifier front
end to Yadis", i.e., a tool you can use to discover identity services
endpoints for a user (or organization, or app, or anything-with-identity).


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I'm looking for some diagrams that show the protocol architecture of
yadis / openid / lid / xri. An overview diagram, or an interaction
diagram? Looked on a couple of wiki's and then thought it would
just be easier to ask.

I'm putting together a deck of all the different 'user-centric' protocol
architectures for the IETF next week''.


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