non-CMS based Open ID?

Martin Atkins mart at
Mon Mar 20 08:16:35 UTC 2006

Chris Chiasson wrote:
> Assume someone has his or her own GNU/Linux server containing a
> website where pages are built from XML source using a makefile. This
> person does not really want another content management system. In your
> opinion, what would be a good way for this person to set up and use
> Open ID on his or her own server to post comments on, for example,
> Live Journal?
> Thank you for your time,

You would need some kind of dynamic content to handle the OpenID auth
and to later alter your XML to include the comment and regenerate the
HTML. I assume you must already have some kind of script for accepting
comments, no?

There are several good libraries for implementing an OpenID consumer.
The PHP one was so easy I had an OpenID consumer up and running in about
15 minutes. (though sadly I can't share the code because it's owned by
my employer.)

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