Federation problem, Identity and precense problems...

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One of the surprises I got from presenting at the O'Reilly Emerging  
Telephony conference in January was just how much decentralized,  
Yadis-style identity is needed for VoIP. In fact, I had a  
conversation on that with the CEO of an unnamed Yadis-related company  
just last week who probably reads this ... and would be actively  
interested in partnering with any companies that go after this space.  
Let me know ...

On Mar 23, 2006, at 13:12, Larry Velez wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just got off the phone with a company that I was introduced to me by
> its association with Jeff Pulver, a leading thinker in the VOIP space
> and who in the 10 minutes we spoke when I met him taught me more about
> the telecom industry than I had learned until that point.  I  
> reached out
> to Tello to see how our customers could use their solutions.
> The company is http://www.tello.com
> "Tello provides a hosted Instant Communications and Collaboration
> service, with complementary client applications, that allows users to
> instantly locate, contact, and connect with others across their  
> business
> communities over the different systems, devices and applications they
> already use.
> Tello makes this happen by "federating" the different real time
> communication systems in the market and has an open platform allowing
> any other application to run on top of it and to serve as the core  
> user
> interface, launch from it instantaneously within a live communication
> session, or trigger it so users can find their contacts at critical
> times.
> This means that application engines and programs like iotum work with,
> and don't compete with Tello. Even Microsoft's LCS or Skype could work
> with it and use it. It is meant to be a platform, and agnostic, not
> parochial."
> This sounds a whole lot like the identity problem and what Kim  
> Cameron,
> Sxip, Yadis, et al. ate tackling.
> Why do you guys think they seem to be off in their own circle and not
> talking about the identity problem just the 'presence problem'?  Are
> there other camps of thinking out there like this camp approaching the
> same problems from different angles?
> Seems to me you have to beat the identity problem before worrying  
> about
> presence.
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Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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