Problems creating an OpenID server

Corey O'Connor coreyoconnor at
Tue Mar 28 07:23:37 UTC 2006

I'm currently using the JanRain OpenID Ruby server API
( I'm close to
getting an OpenID server up and running, but I'm having trouble after
the user authenticates. Instead I'm getting a re-direct back to an
error page that states: "Comment not posted: POST required, or missing

The basic flow of what's going on:
- Receives a GET request.
	- Handles a DO_AUTH OpenID request by presenting a form for the user
to enter authentication information with
- On submit the form is sent to the server with mode POST along with:
	- password
	- a flag indicating this should be handled not by the OpenID library
but first by the custom authentication checking code
	- A string representing the authorization info
- The server receives the POST request sent from the form
	- Checks the password and handles the case if it's wrong
	- the authorization information is deserialized
- Immediately calls the authorization information object's "retry"
method with the OpenID server object and an authorization function
that returns true.
- Gets a DO_REDIRECT from the OpenID server object.
- Handles the redirect which sends the user to the error page

I'd expect the last step to be:
- Handles the redirect which sends the user to whatever URL it should
go to after it's succeeding.
- All is well! The user is authenticated..

Any ideas where I'm handling things incorrectly? I think I'm pretty
close to doing everything OK, because if I try from the start again
the DO_AUTH request succeeds since I'm now authorized and all is well.
HMM The code is mighty ugly, but I could put it up somewhere if
anybody would like to check it.

Thanks for any help!


-Corey O'Connor

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