Implemented OpenID... why?

Jonathan Daugherty cygnus at
Mon May 1 16:52:07 UTC 2006

# Is there a defined API for second call for data, or are we on our
# own for that one? I mean, OpenID seems like a fantastic idea and
# implementation, but the process of actually *getting* to a user's
# data seems to be completely undefined. Am I wrong?

We are going to start releasing versions of our various libraries to
support the OpenID Simple Registration extension, which is specified

You can actually get a pre-release of our Python OpenID library (both
server and consumer) at:

I agree that implementing a server (and consumer) is non-trivial.
It's great to see that others are doing this kind of work, but I
recommend you check out our libraries; they're complete, well-tested,
and spec-compliant.

  Jonathan Daugherty
  JanRain, Inc.

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