Yadis Standardization

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
Mon May 22 21:11:46 UTC 2006


Gabe and I discussed this. The XRI TC charter explicitly includes a
resolution protocol, which is where we have defined the XRDS document
format. The addition of the Yadis specification to the XRI resolution
protocol would simply specify how to retreive an XRDS document from an HTTP

Since the XRI Resolution specification is based on HTTP(S), we already have
a number of other parts of the XRI Resolution specification that deal with
HTTP(S) URIs. So adding a section on how to retrieve XRDS documents directly
from the HTTP(S) URI associated with the identified resource would appear to
fit cleanly under this scope.


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> In speaking with Drummond and Gabe, it seems like Yadis would 
> fit well within the XRI TC and the XRI Resolution 
> specification.  The idea is that the spec will be taken, as 
> it stands at 1.0 today, and incorporated as a new section 
> within the XRI Resolution spec.  
> ...

Does this fit with the TC's charter? From XRI TC charter


The scope of the XRI TC is limited to the definition of the XRI 
identifier scheme, one or more resolution protocols (in particular, 
a generic resolution protocol with secure resolution extensions), 
XRI metadata (special XRI identifiers used for describing other 
XRI identifiers), and documents supporting implementation and 
interoperability of XRIs.

A separate OASIS TC (XRI Data Interchange - XDI) is expected to 
define an XML schema and an associated Web service for exchanging 
data and metadata identified by XRIs.

It seems the second paragraph hints that Yadis may be a better fit 
in the XDI TC?  


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