yadis Digest, Vol 13, Issue 14

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Thu May 25 17:30:21 UTC 2006

Chris Drake wrote:
> Hi All,
> Pardon my ignorance, a lot of this is new to me - but - Dan wrote:-
>>It seems reasonable to me that a relying party agent might do some
>>basic checks to user input and attempt to turn them into an absolute
>>URL if they look like a domain name or a domain name and a path.
> How is my privacy being protected if I have to give my ID to a relying
> party?  For example - I don't want the folks at "shame-your-boss.com"
> to know my ID in case they later see me at work in my sourceforge
> account - or do I have to create a collection of new Yadis IDs, one
> for each new web site I go to ?   Am I missing something here?


The *point* of all this (OpenID signon anyway; not really Yadis) is so 
that you can tell whether a person on one site is the same as a person 
on another. (with the assumption that you trust both sites; if not, why 
are you reading them?)

If you want to assert two separate identities, then you would indeed 
need to create separate accounts just as you would if you wanted to, 
say, have two different "identities" on LiveJournal.

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