The List is Moving!

Recordon, David drecordon at
Fri Sep 1 22:04:51 UTC 2006

With the generosity of the Oregon State University's Open Source Lab, we
now have up and running within their network.  They provide
hosting for many Open Source projects
( and it should be a great fit for
OpenID.  Brad updated DNS yesterday, so it should now be propagated for
everyone.  Thanks to Six Apart for hosting the site for over a year!

With this change, we now have the ability to run mailing lists directly
on  Shortly, I'll be subscribing all of you to
general at which will replace this list so you don't have to
resubscribe.  We also then have spun up specs at for discussions
specific to any of the core OpenID specs at

We also now have Subversion repositories, WebSVN at, so that everyone can keep up on changes to the
core specifications.  While the plan is still to develop libraries
within the incubating Heraldry project, we have a library repository on until the remaining developers get the paperwork done for
commit access to Herladry.  Sxip has also graciously offered to develop
the Java and Perl libraries as we move forward and this will give them a
place to work until that code can be moved into Heraldry as well.

Cool? Cool!


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