is "" a valid Yadis id?

Joaquin Miller joaquin at
Thu Feb 8 00:34:43 UTC 2007

I took Rob's question literally: Is "mailto:robyates70 at" a 
valid Yadis idenfifier?

It seems to me that this question is quite separate from the 
discussion of, as examples, using an SMTP server in an OpenID 
protocol or specifying a standard way to resolve a mailto: URL to an 
http: URL, or specifying a way to use a mailto: URL as an Open ID 
ID.  Please straighten me out if i am wrong.

As I wrote in my previous message, it seems to me that, according to 
the text of the Yadis specificaiton, the answer to Rob's question is: 
Yes.  (It is possible to read 6.2.1 along with 6.2.2 and conclude 
that a Yadis URL must have as scheme, http or https.  I feel it is 
not best to hang our hat on such readings: we should simply say what we mean.)

At present there is no project to clean up the Yadis spec on this 
topic and there is no project to specify which URLs can be used as 
Yadis IDs nor to specify how to resolve those which can.  (We all 
assume that the XRI resolution service is the one to use with XRIs, 
but this is not specified in the Yadis spec.)



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