is "" a valid Yadis id? >>>> CORRECTED

Robert Yates robyates70 at
Thu Feb 8 02:33:57 UTC 2007

On 2/7/07, Joaquin Miller <joaquin at> wrote:

>  It seems to me that this question is quite separate from the discussion of,
> as examples, using an SMTP server in an OpenID protocol or specifying a
> standard way to resolve a mailto: URL to an http: URL, or specifying a way
> to use a mailto: URL as an Open ID ID.  Please straighten me out if i am
> wrong.

You are quite correct, I am not trying to map an e-mail address to an
openid (I do read the mailing lists :) )

For the specific use case we have I want to find a service that will
respond with a user's freebusy time (from their calendar) when the
only identifier we have for the user is their e-mail.

Thinking about it some more it may be irrelevant as to whether
mailto:robyates70 at is a valid yadis id (although I think that
a separate and interesting question).  Presumably we can simply spec
out that to discover the service that responds to freebusy requests
the yadis protocol is used on the e-mail's domain name resolved to an
"http" url.

So, for example to find the freebusy calendar service for
robyates70 at, the yadis protocol is performed on and the returned Yadis document is searched for the
"freebusy" service.  This service can then be queried for the user's
freebusy time.

Does this make sense to folks and is it a valid use of Yadis?



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