Djabberd and gtalk

Erik Osterman e at
Thu Oct 18 19:36:25 UTC 2007

I have it working with our postfix mail database (postfix.mailbox). I 
whipped up directions on how I set it up on Debian, maybe it will work 
for you.


Erik Osterman

Xueron Nee wrote:
> Hi Diego M. Vadell,
> Would you like to give me some guide on how to setup djabberd with a
> mail server database. I'm working on it now but I can not make it work.
> Thanks :)
> Diego M. Vadell wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    I have just installed djabberd and Im pretty excited about its
>> flexibility. I have just added it to my mail server authen database, so
>> now I have - afaik - a jabber id for every mail address I have.
>>    I started toying with mine, adding someone from gtalk ( to
>> no avail! I got this error:
>> 28081 ERROR DJabberd.Queue.ServerOut                 Connection error
>> while connecting to, giving up
>> I searched for djabberd and gtalk, but didn't find a final answer about
>> wether djabber can talk with gtalk or not.
>> So my question is : can djabberd talk with gtalk? Can I add with my mail
>> djabberd account a gmail contact?
>> Thanks in advance,
>>  -- Diego.

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