convert from ejabberd

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at
Mon Oct 22 10:05:33 UTC 2007


I'm looking at replacing my ejabberd server with something else. Would djabberd do it for about 2000 users? And if so: is there a script to convert the ejabberd dump file to something djabberd uses (probably sqlite or ldap)? I've already converted the username/pwd part myself, but the roster gets a bit tricky.
What do people recommend for vcard, roster and auth storage? I've already played a bit with htdigest, sqlite and even plain text for authentication, and I *think* I even have the connection to other networks working. But for roster, the plugin warns that it blocks, so I wonder what happens if 2000 users are registered and at least 150 concurrent users active.

I like perl, and I like the djabberd code as well, so it would be great if these questions got answered with something I can work on, so: shoot away :-)


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