Chatroom invitations

Clive Holloway clive.holloway at
Mon Oct 29 22:31:53 UTC 2007

I *think* I've got this written correctly, but would appreciate a
style commentary before I go further.

This snippet allows chatroom members to send invites to other users.

I've added this code to, line 97:

        # chatroom invites
        if ($stanza->isa("DJabberd::Message")
            && $stanza->{children}[0]{element} eq 'x'
            && $stanza->{children}[0]{children}[0]{element} eq 'invite') {

            my $room = $stanza->{attrs}{"{}to"};
            my $from = $stanza->{attrs}{"{}from"};

            my $x = $stanza->{children}[0];
            my $invite = $x->{children}[0];
            my $invited = $invite->{attrs}{"{}to"};

            # rebuild stanza for delivery
            $invite->set_attr( "{}from" => $from );

            # add conference xmlns to stanza
            my $jabber_x_conference =
DJabberd::XMLElement->new("",'x', { xmlns => "jabber:x:conference",
jid => $room });
            $logger->debug("$from invited user $invited to chatroom $room");


Is there a cleaner way of calling attributes like this?


(etc), because if there is, it's eluded me so far.

If that looks correct, can someone commit it. If it doesn't can
someone correct me?

cLive ;-)

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