Partial Flush?

John Kramlich john.kramlich at
Sun Sep 2 14:36:16 UTC 2007


If the different domains do not share the same dataset I would recommend 
simply running an instance of the memcache dameon for each domain.  Just 
give them all their own unique port number.  This gives you the benefit 
that a flush on one site will not effect the others.

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Sam Washburn wrote:
> Hello list!
> I'm wondering if this question has been asked before and hopefully replied
> to with a good answer :)
> We have several domains that use the same code base but independent 
> objects
> in memcache.  The memcache keys I use for each domain are
> hostname+identifier.  One particular function(a user activated feature)
> radically changes the state of the site and requires a flush so as not to
> leave traces of the previous state.  Our code currently uses flush() to
> perform this action.
> While performing some profiling on the server we have noticed some 
> slowdowns
> now as the users flush the cache not only for their own domains, but for
> everyone else's.
> This is a shot in the dark question, but is it in the maintainer's 
> interest
> to implement a partial flush of a memcache server?  Perhaps by a wild card
> key?  The other way I was thinking it could be done is by having both a
> context and a key for storing a value.
> Are any of these ideas of interest to the maintainers?  I have the 
> skill to
> implement these changes myself (and can contribute), but thought I 
> would try
> going to the source(no pun intended) before forking this great project.
> Blessings,
> Sam Washburn

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