mogile + amazon

Jay Buffington jaybuffington at
Tue Nov 7 20:21:22 UTC 2006

I did the math and thought S3 was going to be quite a bit more
expensive than doing it ourselves, but once you factor in opportunity
cost (getting head count and good sysadmins isn't easy) Amazon looks
pretty good.

Smugmug CEO raves about S3:

I think I would implement this a thin wrapper around a Mogile and S3
client that could make the decision of which to use.  Data would
either go into S3 or MogileFS.  Treating S3 as another host in Mogile
seems unnecessary since Amazon is already doing a good job of taking
care of redundancy and speed issues.


On 11/7/06, Eric Lambrecht <eml at> wrote:
> Has anybody ever considered trying to integrate mogile with amazon's
> storage service?
> You could either always store your 2nd or 3rd copy in Amazon for backup
> purposes, or you could try to tweak the mogile system to be a sort of
> cache for things you pull from Amazon.
> The mind boggles.
> Eric...

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