Software bundle installs all MogileFS components on Ubuntu/Debian

Arthur Bebak abebak at
Wed Oct 11 22:34:49 UTC 2006

I've put together a tar file with all the software pieces you need to install
the full complement of MogileFS software on Ubuntu/Debian.

The tar file has all the Perl modules you need, a script which will apt-get
all the needed packages, instructions for checking out the subversion
copy of the latest MogileFS trunk, and a makefile which will install the
whole thing in one go.

The purpose of this bundle is to basically take a fresh Ubuntu 6.06 Server
install and with a few commands turn it into either a storage node,
a tracker node, or perl client node for an existing MogileFS cluster. All you
need to do is modify the config files, start the daemons, and you're all set.

It's a quick hack I just put together this afternoon and is not really
the most elegant thing, but it does the job. What's really needed is
a Debian package which does all this. Maybe there is one out there that
I don't know about?

You can download the tar file here from (select the file and
hit the little blue arrow):

Download ubuntu-mogile-bundle-1.0.tar.gz, untar it, and follow the instructions
in the INSTALL file.

Improvements and suggestions are most welcome.

Arthur Bebak
abebak at

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