database-independence: it has begun.

Travis Boucher tbone at
Tue Jan 2 17:58:11 UTC 2007

Hill, Greg wrote:
>> But for now I just want to remove all the 50 (er, 48 now) users of
>> get_dbh() and make them go through the store interface, then we can
> deal
>> with pretty namings.
> This will help a lot.  We want to throw memcache in front of the queries
> and having it all centralized like that will make it trivial (or at
> least, a lot easier).  I might be able to help change all the old
> database calls starting later today, I'll let you know.  Is there a
> preferred method you want me to follow to verify I don't break anything?
> I imagine that re-running all the tests after each change should cover
> it, but if there's more to it, let me know.
> Greg

I don't know if you really want to add memcached at the tracker level.  
By caching on the client side, not only do you take load off the 
databases, you take load off of the trackers.  You'd be better off 
writing a layer on top of the client side API to do the caching.  Its 
alot easier to scale the client side of mogilefs then it is to scale the 
server (tracker + database) side of things.

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