db-independence update; call for hackers

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at danga.com
Fri Jan 5 05:08:40 UTC 2007


I continue obsessively removing raw DBI/SQL usage from the Mogile source,
pushing it all into the MogileFS::Store base class, or
MogileFS::Store::MySQL where it's MySQL-specific.

I'm down from 150-ish cases down to ~33 now.  And there are only ~48 in
*Store* now, so most of them actually went away via better internal API
usage, and more shared code.

Also been adding a lot of new tests to test the new internal APIs, but
also to test other database's Store implementations in the future.  And
start of POD docs.

But am I doing this for fun?  Well, it is fun :), but the motivation's
more investment.  If I endure this pain now than it's easier for one of
you Postgres/Oracle types to come and subclass MogileFS::Store (and fork
mogdbsetup, to create the initial schema), and then I can add:

   [X] Postgres support
   [X] Oracle support

to MogileFS's feature list, then more people use it, and it gets better
for us too.  etc, etc.

So ... any Postgres/Oracle-using SQL/Perl hackers out there?  :-)  You
won't need to know much Perl at all.  It's mostly copy/paste and changing
some SQL.  Let me know and I'll get you svn commit access.

Also, if anybody in the Bay Area wants to do a MogileFS hackfest some
weekend here, speak up.  Dormando and I were talking about it for several
months ago, but got sucked into holiday stuff.

- Brad

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