using mogile fs to serve dynamic web pages

sanados sanados at
Wed Jul 2 06:20:35 UTC 2008

alex kwiatkowski wrote:
> Has anyone used mogilefs to serve dynamic web pages (.NET, php, ruby 
> etc...)? If so what were your experiences.
> From what I can tell so far most people only use it for static files 
> like images.
Imo that would kill the purpose.

You need an api to translate the fids back to an exported URL.
Then you got to parse the read content you fetched.

When you use php for example:
apache + php script (rewrite policy) to reproxy your php-files.
then read the file (perhabs file_get_contents, require or include will 
not work in http)

After you read the content you got to eval the read source.
(This or you use php-reflection ... )

So basically you still need php files local to parse your read 
php-files, and you ran circles before parsing php.
That slows you down by the factor 100 (at least)

Nice idea to use with php-reflection though... but really slow.
(Dynamic OOP framework)

Anyway, my 5 cents.

 Jürgen Krieger

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