Large-scale production installations, and another question

Guillaume Blairon g at
Wed Jul 2 16:11:49 UTC 2008

On 29/06 - 00:46:15, mike wrote:
> 1) Other than Danga properties like LJ, are there other sites using
> MogileFS in production? It'd be cool to see a list/stats (how many
> machines, files, etc, etc)

Hi mike,

We're hosting about 60 million files on a 25Tb cluster at
(social networking site, pictures/music hosting, etc) :
- 10xHP DL320s, each with 12x250Go SATA disks, for storage
- 2xMySQL servers with master/master replication for the db
- A front of 20 reverse proxy-cache serve about 6.5K req/s (with a cache
  hit rate of ~98%, thanks to dns hashing)
- 4 dedicated trackers handle the cluster operations.

This is oversized. We're using it for nearly a year and it could run
with 10 proxy-caches and only one tracker. At least it's redundant :)


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