IgnoreList plugin: Skip foreign ignore lists

robb robb at canfield.com
Tue Aug 21 22:35:02 UTC 2007

The IgnoreList plugin factors out ignore lists to a central file (I
personally find "internal" ignore lists difficult to manage). It also adds:
  - Include option : does not ADD a new directory it just allows a
  matching file/dir to NOT be excluded even if it is in an exclude list.
  - per directory ignore lists : something like the old CVS ignore files
  - Modified shell patterns (in addition to regex) somewhat like
  -- *, ?, **

Given the discussion on configuration file I felt it important to add
some moderate security to the ignore list processing. The basic premise
is that the person responsible for the backup should have control over
the backup. For example as a user I should be able to backup whatever
data (to my own resource) that I desire, regardless of global system

Likewise as a system admin I need to backup all data that  will held
accountable for, even data the user may have (on purpose or
accidentally) set to not backup. Or even the user did not backup because
they think I did!

So I added a configuration option to the IgnoreList plugin that will
skip any per-directory ignore file that is NOT owned by the user running
backups. The default is to ignore foreign ignore lists.

PS: And why doesn't Thunderbird spell check the subject line!
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