Changing default directory

robb robb at
Wed Aug 22 00:01:47 UTC 2007

As I scale up Brackup to be multiple user, system wide and multiple
source/targets I am finding that the default ~/.brackup* files to be
cluttering up things a bit. In addition it is becoming more difficult to
support the new directory structure used for plugin paths (~/.brackup/)
and the old style simultaneously.

I added some code to auto-migrate all .brackup* files to ~/.brackup/
(and drop the leading '.'). This also caused me to scan and eliminate
hard-coded $ENV{HOME} stuff and replace it with a default_dir method
that handles Linux and Windows (at least as well as the original code
did). This also makes file names compatible between windows and Linux (a
minor bonus).

Does anyone see an issue with this? Normally I would strive to make the
code 100% backward compatible but in this case it was becoming way too
many exceptions creating some ugly constructs.

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