Brackup (CRG version): #316

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Wed Aug 22 02:43:51 UTC 2007

I have finished a number of changes to Brackup today in preparation for
full testing later this week. All my changes are based on the 1.05 core.
The changes are adding up, although the tricky stuff (encryption and
block handling) has not been touched. My focus has been on extending
file-selection and making Brackup easier to use as a system (primary
backup) tool.

*WARNING: Code is running but probably has bugs, use with extreme
caution and only in test environments *

Latest changes

* Per-user configuration files and databases are now in ~/.brackup/
instead of ~/. Startup code detects the old style and migrates files to
the new style (NEEDS MORE TESTING)
* Plugins are working well (See IgnoreList)
* Code passes first backup/restore test using SFTP
* dry-run now preserves databases. Prior versions polluted databases
with dry-run data leading to problems
* File/directory permissions (on creation) are more restrictive 0777 -->
0750 for dirs and 0666 --> 0640 for files
* IgnoreList processing will no longer read per-directory ignore files
(foreign) unless explicitly told to via configuration options.
* Code should handle windows environments a little better as ENV{HOME}
usage has been factored out.

Robb Canfield
Canfield Research Group
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