Added Database plugins -- feedback?

robb robb at
Mon Aug 27 00:21:54 UTC 2007

Thanks for the feedback

I'll work on a release Monday. I am in the midsts of heavy profiling to
improve SFTP (well all output actually but SFTP is the most critical for
me right now).

I am thinking of adding [FILTER:xxx] to the mix. These plugins would
factor out the GPG stuff so I can add Zlib and Crypt::RSA (or blowfish
or whatever). Th goal in this case is to improve virtual server
performance where multiple forks and external program execution is a bit
more painful. If I do this then only the GPG filter would be backward
compatible of course.

Richard Edward Horner wrote:
> Robb,
> I think all your additions are great and I really wish I had more time
> to code, audit and test. Please make a release.
> Thanks, Rich(ard)
> On 8/26/07, robb <robb at> wrote:
>> During some profiling to find out why backups were slower than I thought
>> they should be. I found SQLite responsible for a lot of overhead. Since
>> the Brackup tables are all simple key=value pairs I tried DBM file
>> support. For GDBM the results were 1:45 vs 1:17 (favoring GDBM) which is
>> about 24% improvement! The tests were done using gpg and SFTP (far
>> distant server) and I expected that bewteen gpg and network latency the
>> difference in local data storage would be nominal. I was wrong, it still
>> was quite measurable.
>> So now, Brackup  supports Database plugins. The default is of course
>> SQLite. I have added support for AnyDBM as well (preferred DBM order:
>> GDBM_File NDBM_File SDBM_File). Other database engines should be easy
>> enough to add.
>>   #type = AnyDBM
>>   #type = SQLite
>> The interface allows for an initialization method so MySQL, Postgresql,
>> etc. should all be pretty easy to add as additional plugins.
>> ** WARNING: I tried adding DBM::Deep but that is incompatible with
>> Net::SSH at some VERY low level. I ran out of time diagnosing it.
>> I am accumulating changes over the next few days but if anyone is
>> interested I will push a stable (as "stable" as it gets right now) to my
>> web server sooner.
>> I am rather concerned that some of the changes I have made might not be
>> desired by the Brackup community. Any feedback would be appreciated.
>> Robb
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