Added Database plugins -- feedback?

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Mon Aug 27 00:21:36 UTC 2007


Yes, I'm interested in getting your work into the official release.  This
last few weeks have been busy with my changing jobs, and this week (as of
tomorrow) I'm camping for 8 days.  When I get back, let's start merging
stuff.  Keep your patches separate, into logical pieces, perhaps as quilt
set, and we'll get them committed.

- Brad

On Sun, 26 Aug 2007, robb wrote:

> During some profiling to find out why backups were slower than I thought
> they should be. I found SQLite responsible for a lot of overhead. Since
> the Brackup tables are all simple key=value pairs I tried DBM file
> support. For GDBM the results were 1:45 vs 1:17 (favoring GDBM) which is
> about 24% improvement! The tests were done using gpg and SFTP (far
> distant server) and I expected that bewteen gpg and network latency the
> difference in local data storage would be nominal. I was wrong, it still
> was quite measurable.
> So now, Brackup  supports Database plugins. The default is of course
> SQLite. I have added support for AnyDBM as well (preferred DBM order:
> GDBM_File NDBM_File SDBM_File). Other database engines should be easy
> enough to add.
>   #type = AnyDBM
>   #type = SQLite
> The interface allows for an initialization method so MySQL, Postgresql,
> etc. should all be pretty easy to add as additional plugins.
> ** WARNING: I tried adding DBM::Deep but that is incompatible with
> Net::SSH at some VERY low level. I ran out of time diagnosing it.
> I am accumulating changes over the next few days but if anyone is
> interested I will push a stable (as "stable" as it gets right now) to my
> web server sooner.
> I am rather concerned that some of the changes I have made might not be
> desired by the Brackup community. Any feedback would be appreciated.
> Robb

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