brackup --just bug

William J. Coldwell cryo+brackup at
Thu Nov 15 12:27:02 UTC 2007

[0718][root at sago1:/tmp/brack]$ brackup-restore --from=/warped/warped/ 
brackups/leela-warped-warped-20071115.brackup --to=/tmp/brack -- 
just=htdocs/ookla/speedtest.swf --verbose
Your Amazon AWS access key? []
Your Amazon AWS secret access key? []
  * restoring  to /tmp/brack/
Error doing restore: File /tmp/brack/ () already exists.  Aborting.  
at /usr/newpkg/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/Brackup/ line 211, < 
$__ANONIO__> line 33699.

ok, does it need the filename in --to=? no.  Then it complains that  
the --to isn't a directory.

So, while I can get directories to restore off of S3, restoring 1 file  
is proving to outsmart me.

William J. Coldwell (Cryo)
Custodial Engineer
Warped Communications, Inc.

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