Heheh, I'm chock full of fail today

William J. Coldwell cryo+brackup at cryo.ws
Fri Nov 16 01:32:20 UTC 2007

[1957][root at sago1:/warped/warped/brackups]$ brackup  --from=leela- 
vips  --to=S3 --verbose
Discovering files in /warped/vips...
Skipping file ending in whitespace: <cora/XXXXX.net/pinnuptoon.jpg >
Skipping file ending in whitespace: <jts/YYYY.com/site/files/mike/ 
Requested Bloomin Days >
Skipping file ending in whitespace: <seadog/ZZZ.com/ecards/ 
/                                                                                                                                                           >
Number of files: 694338
* .                                                             
0/694338 (0.00%; remain: 54531.0 MB)
Out of memory!

Any idea how to trace that?  I'm trying real hard to use this in  
production and it's -right there- as being feature complete.  As such,  
I'll undoubtedly hit every single possible buglet and corner case. Sigh.

William J. Coldwell (Cryo)
Custodial Engineer
Warped Communications, Inc.

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