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Earl Cahill cahille at
Wed Oct 24 17:29:24 UTC 2007

>>a --latest flag for restore, so that brackup-restore just finds the 
 >>latest backup and restores it

>That can be easily achieved with a shell script that calls
>brackup-target list_backups and then brackup-restore. IMO a built-in
>option is not needed.

Guess my goal would be that all interested parties wouldn't have to write their own shell script.

>>a --verify_directory=/var/orig option to brackup-restore.  The
 >>restore could then do the restore and compare the restored contents
 >>to the 
 >>/var/orig contents.  Or, depending on how self-aware things are, just
 >>/a --verify flag

>I probably miss the point of your desired verification feature, 

I just want to make sure that I am backing up in a way that can be restored, where the restoration can be verified as representing the original, bit for bit.

> but
> again I think that you can do that with a shell script (brackup-restore
> && diff).

As above, would like to help the problem for other interested parties.

After some more thought, I guess I would propose a --diff flag that would just list differences between the original and the restoration.

Am I the only brackup user out there that would like to know that he
isn't just spinning his wheels and that his backups could really be

Perhaps I should send different emails, but

1.  Any thoughts of adding zip support?  I might be missing it, but I couldn't see it in or  I would be just fine with a little cpu hit to save a few bucks :)
2.  How about a limit so I don't accidentally back up / and get a huge s3 bill?


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