Windows + Encryption

Martin Atkins mart at
Thu Apr 10 20:11:02 UTC 2008

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Do you have GPG on Windows?
> Also, what hacking did you have to do to make it work on Vista?  Care 
> you share your patches, so we can include them?

I have recently been doing some work to make Brackup work better in 
Windows, some of which I committed.

However, I also wrote a wrapper script which uses the Microsoft utility 
"VSHADOW"[1] to create a volume shadow copy before running the backup, 
to avoid problems with files that currently have exclusive locks held by 
other applications. I was hesitant to share it because it's a bit yucky, 
but I suppose it could be useful to others as a starting point.

Is anyone interested in this? I'm not sure it belongs in the main 
brackup repository, but I guess I could put it somewhere else.


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