[PATCH 3/3] Open files only once

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Aug 14 20:03:32 UTC 2008

Michael Hanselmann wrote:
>> Have you tried snapback2 versus rsnapshot?
> I remember seeing its website, but I didn't investigate it further
> because it's not included in the two main distributions I'm using these
> days, Debian and Ubuntu.

You don't get CPAN with Debian?  ;-)

FWIW: I don't think that gentoo has an up to date ebuild either, but 
it's so easy to create one that it's no big deal.  Couple of lines only 
and easy to maintain

Incidently I use linux vservers these days which makes it so easy just 
to spin up a new server to install something like this and play with it 
for a while.  Recommended

Ed W

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