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Thu May 7 22:36:18 UTC 2009

Ditch all the code folding comments, add yourself to the AUTHORS section in
the POD, and yeah, let's get it in.  More targets the merrier.

On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 12:54 PM, William Wolf <throughnothing at>wrote:

> Hey,
> I sent some info about this to the list a few months ago and didn't
> get much response.  I figured I would send out the code that I
> currently have and see if anyone would be interested in it with the
> code attached.  I would like this to be included in CPAN, and I'm
> wondering if the best route would be to make my own CPAN module that
> can just install my CloudFiles target (which requires the
> Net::Mosso::CloudFiles module), or if I should try to get this
> CloudFiles target included in the main Brackup branch?  I think I read
> somewhere that Brad wanted to start having modules be separate
> packages rather than all being included in brackup.  What do you all
> think?
> Nonetheless, if anyone is interested in this, or has any
> comments/suggestions about it, let me know.  I have been using it
> personally for a while now and it seems pretty stable and reliable,
> though I would love it if more people could test it and give me some
> feedback.
> I've just attached the file which should go in the
> Brackup/Target/ directory.
> To setup a cloudfiles target, it should look something like this:
> [TARGET:cf]
> type = CloudFiles
> cf_username  = CLOUDFILES_USERNAME
> cf_api_key = CLOUDFILES_API_KEY
> Thanks!
> --
> William Wolf
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