Verifying the InventoryDatabase

Gavin Carr gavin at
Wed May 13 11:29:40 UTC 2009

On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 11:02:38AM -0400, William Wolf wrote:
> One other thing to note.  I was testing this with my CloudFiles
> target, and I needed to add 'size' and 'chunkpath' functions because
> the script requires them.  Both functions were very trivial, but I
> believe not all targets have these functions.  Did you add these
> functions to whatever target you are using Gavin?  

Yes, looks like I did - to everything but the Amazon target. I think
the rationale was that since it was in the inventory we might as well
check it, at least for targets where it was relatively easy.

The branch I'm using has evidently diverged a bit from head. As I get
time I'll try and go through and split out more patches for review and
possible inclusion. I'll try and get to the b-v-i related ones soon.

> I looked and the
> Filesystem, Filebased, Ftp, and Sftp targets seem to have the
> 'chunkpath' function, but none of the targets seemed to contain a size
> function in the current svn head.
> I'm planning on putting these 2 functions into the
> target when I commit it, but I guess before the
> brackup-verify-inventory script is committed, it should be made sure
> that these functions exist in all the targets?
> Is there any objection to me including these 2 functions in the
> CloudFiles target?

I'd say do, since it sounds relatively straightforward. If we want to
add brackup-verify-inventory we'll either need to add them to all
targets (as you suggest) or gracefully degrade where they're missing.


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