continuing after a restore failure?

Rafael Espíndola rafael.espindola at
Thu May 27 01:43:25 UTC 2010

Trying to restore a backup one of the fails failed:

 restoring .gnupg/random_seed to ./.gnupg/random_seed
   ** loading chunk sha1:459ded76b2a325a0b9af35acac5761cde4131c6f from target
Error doing restore: Digest of restored file (./.gnupg/random_seed)
doesn't match at
/home/espindola/inst/brackup/share/perl5/Brackup/ line 281.

Given what the file is it is not unlikely this was just a race
condition on the backup creation. Is there a way to continue a backup
after a fail failed? If not, would a patch adding a -k option be


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