Brad Fitzpatrick brad at danga.com
Wed Apr 19 05:10:50 UTC 2006

Hello Djabberders,

I keep getting the notifications that people are joining this inactive
list, so I feel compelled to post something.

Artur and I are motivated to make DJabberd one of the best xmpp servers
out there, and we have a whole list (mostly undocumented) of things we
want to add until we're happy (culminating in LiveJournal using it for
millions of active users....) but in the meantime:

What do you want out of it?

We're starting to use it at SixApart as our internal chat server (see
examples/sixatalk in svn), and Artur and I are starting to use it on our
own domains as our personal Jabber servers, but to prioritize our
development, we'd like to know what everybody else wants first.  If we
have to do a bunch of stuff anyway, might as well scratch your itch first.

Also, if you want to hack on part of it and want svn commit access, let's


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