ANN: Upload of DJabberd::Plugin::PrivateStorage and DJabberd::Plugin::JabberIqVersion

Michael Scherer misc at
Sun Dec 3 17:03:39 UTC 2006


I have uploaded two plugin that may be useful for Djabberd ( well, maybe
not the first one ).

The first one is DJabberd::Plugin::JabberIqVersion [1]
 that implement the system proposed in xep 0092 [2], to announce the
version and the name of the server. 
Of course, you can change it with a configuration directive. This plugin
is here to serve as a exemple, as both the code and the xep are quite
simple to read and understand.

The second one, DJabberd::Plugin::PrivateStorage, is more useful, as it
implement the support of XEP 0049 [4], used a base for bookmark storage
[5],or annotation [6] among others. Some clients may use it to store
preferences, even if i didn't encounter one yet. The module can store in
memory, on the filesystem, or using any DBI supported database ( if the
database support TEXT type, sqlite and mysql should be ok

The two plugins are already usable, with regression testing, and
documentation, but they are my first CPAN modules, so I hope i didn't
forget anything obvious.

If you have any question or remark, do not hesitate.


Michael Scherer

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