ANN: Upload of DJabberd::Plugin::PrivateStorage and DJabberd::Plugin::JabberIqVersion

Martin Atkins mart at
Sun Dec 3 18:15:07 UTC 2006

Michael Scherer wrote:
> The first one is DJabberd::Plugin::JabberIqVersion [1]
>  that implement the system proposed in xep 0092 [2], to announce the
> version and the name of the server. 
> Of course, you can change it with a configuration directive. This plugin
> is here to serve as a exemple, as both the code and the xep are quite
> simple to read and understand.

I agree that this is a nice, simple example plugin. Perhaps it could be 
incorporated into the standard distribution as an example, since it's 
small and won't bloat things too much.

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