How tested is djabberd?

Martin Atkins mart at
Mon Jul 3 18:35:42 UTC 2006

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Then you'll just need to override all the right parts, doing whatever it
> is that components do.... but I have no clue.  From the specs it looks
> simple (in that they're small), but I have no clue.  Mart?

A component connection only greatly differs from a S2S connection in the 
authentication step. This is described in JEP-0114.

The main funny bit is that the initial component-to-server stream 
element has a "to" attribute containing the name of the *component*, not 
of the server as you'd (presumably) expect. The plugin class 
implementing the component should probably have a subdomain setting in 
the configuration file and then check to make sure the component 
connects with the expected fully-qualified domain name.

However, I'm rusty on all this, as I've not looked at this stuff for a 
long time. Most of the above information was just from skimming the JEP 
to refresh my memory, so it may be that the real-world implementations 
differ from this a little. For example, I seem to remember that jabberd 
1.x had some extra elements that components might well send if they 
expect to be talking to that implementation.

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