How tested is djabberd?

Martin Atkins mart at
Wed Jul 5 07:11:53 UTC 2006

Karjala wrote:
> So when a server sends a message to the client, doesn't the client 
> respond with any XML?

Not always. It depends on what kind of stanza it was!

> Can the server detect whether the message it just sent to a client 
> reached the client or not?
> If it can, and the client didn't get the message, then the server should 
> mark the user as unavailable and store the message it just sent, to 
> resend it when it sees the client back online.

What I would expect to happem is either:
  * The TCP driver retransmits the packet a few times and then considers 
the client to be dead and closes the connection, or...
  * The dial-up user's IP address has now been assigned to a different 
customer, so it'll send a RST packet back to indicate that it doesn't 
know anything about this TCP stream.

 From what others have been saying, though, it seems that I'm wrong 
about the first point in practice.

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