The new bot code

Martin Atkins mart at
Thu Jul 6 19:13:31 UTC 2006

Artur Bergman wrote:
> There are a different number of things being discussed here.
> A lot of the bot code is generic component stuff I guess, but we  should 
> write the specific cases first and then move up one step. Also  there is 
> nothing that says you can't service discover any jid, the  jid for 
> and post at are both  discoverable, 
> however I have serious doubts that  as a jid will 
> work well. username at will, but to  implement a 
> component for an entire domain and for an specific  username is rather 
> different.

That seems fair to me. I wasn't really suggesting that you guys write 
component support just for bots, more just musing that it could be 
generalized later.

> I am not opposed to username at being available,  but 
> I want a normal bot for people to chatter to.

Okay, a compromise:

* mart at (for me) acts like the bot I guess you 
guys are imagining when I "chat" with it. (remembering that Jabber makes 
a distinction between "chat" and email-like messages.)

* A non-chat-type message to any username will 
post to that journal using the subject and body I specify in my message, 
as long as I have access to post in that journal. This way I can quickly 
post messages using my client's "Send Message" function.

* Add mart at to my roster by default so that I can 
find it without having to read the instructions. Set its name to 
something obvious like "Journal Posting Bot", and have its vcard 
describe my journal rather than me.

This seems to me to offer the pros of both approaches with negligible 
cons. (unless I've missed some?)

and maybe in in the future...

* Allow random JIDs to register with so that 
they can act as authenticated LiveJournal accounts.

* Make the username at JIDs act as pubsub nodes 
that send out anything sent to that journal.

* etc, etc....

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