How tested is djabberd?

Karjala karjala_lists at
Wed Jun 28 03:41:40 UTC 2006


Are there instructions anywhere? Like how to set it up and run it, how 
to subclass (which classes to subclass, which functions to replace and 
what each function parameter means/contains, etc)?

Do you plan to make some?

If you could provide two/three lines on how to set it up and get a 
standard jabber server running, I would be grateful (I plan to replace 
my current jabber server as soon as possible).

E.g. should I install djabberd first as a perl module? (perl; make; make test; make install ?) And then run some 
executable with some parameters? Will this process install executables 
in directories that I might not want it to? If so, which ones and where?

The rest (how to subclass) I'll try to figure myself (if there's no 


- Alex

P.S. The above information could be included in your website (I think) 
(would allow people to try it)


Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, Karjala wrote:
>> So, how tested is Djabberd?
> A few dozen of us use it for personal use.
> It's been pushed up to 300,000 concurrent (but mostly idle) connections.
> It powers all of SixApart's internal IM (some ~130 employees)
>> Would you trust it so much so as to replace jabberd v1 with it for your
>> personal/professional communications? Or should one wait for v1 of djabberd?
> You can wait until we roll it out to all LiveJournal users soon-ish here
> if that makes you feel better, or you can just start trying it out.
>> What kind of problems/bugs are there?
> None known, I don't think.
> - Brad

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