Martin Atkins mart at
Thu Jun 29 17:56:04 UTC 2006

Simon Wistow wrote:
> The thing I'm a little fuzzy about is - how does the jabber server 
> retrieve the username and password of the user on the other network. Or, 
> more explicitly, Gaim connects to my djabberd instance and then wants to 
> send a message to  billg at or jerry+filo at - 
> hwo does djabberd know 
> a) that the msn or y! transport needs to be used (since we can't work  
>    that out from the domain part of the id) 
> b) what to log into msn or yahoo! with

I think the easiest approach is to present it to the end-user as a set 
of Jabber hosts, even though internally it's all one component. Then the 
user can register with and as with 
any other gateway, and the JIDs for the foreign users will be like 
billg at .

As for the login details, these are generally provided when registering 
with the transport and stored by the transport against the user's JID. 
The transport then subscribes to your presence so that it can see when 
you're online and do a login with the stored credentials. Obviously you 
should only use gateways you trust, since they will have access to your 
account details.

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