Simon Wistow simon at
Thu Jun 29 14:50:58 UTC 2006

On Wed, Jun 28, 2006 at 01:07:28AM -0700, Artur Bergman said:
> No specific plans, but I think we should support jabber components  
> which will get us the same transports as other people use.

I've been noodling with a module called Net::AnyIM that wraps the common 
IM protocol modules on CPAN with a single unified interface.

It did occur to me that I could write DJabberD::Delivery::Transport that 
would translate a Jabber stanza to the necessary format, send it, wait 
for the response, retranslate that into a Jabber stanza et voila.

The thing I'm a little fuzzy about is - how does the jabber server 
retrieve the username and password of the user on the other network. Or, 
more explicitly, Gaim connects to my djabberd instance and then wants to 
send a message to  billg at or jerry+filo at - 
hwo does djabberd know 

a) that the msn or y! transport needs to be used (since we can't work  
   that out from the domain part of the id) 
b) what to log into msn or yahoo! with


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