crashes with Component::External

oliver oli oliver.oli at
Mon Oct 23 18:22:10 UTC 2006

Martin Atkins wrote:

> Of the top of my head I'd guess that the plugin is delivering to itself 
> infinitely, perhaps because you've attached it to the same server as 
> your clients are attached to. The usual way to set up a component is as 
> a subdomain, like this:
>     <Subdomain thingy>
>         <Plugin DJabberd::Component::External>
>             ....
>         </Plugin>
>     </Subdomain>
> The <Subdomain> directive creates a second domain whose name is (in this 
> case), and configures local delivery between the two.
> The Component::External plugin should definitely act better in this 
> case, though; thanks for the report!

<Subdomain/> solved the problem. I'm still not able to connect a xmpp4r 
component to djabberd. Maybe I have bugs in my Ruby code (never used 
Ruby before) or xmpp4r have issues with djabberd.

Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at 
lib/DJabberd/ line 131.
2109 WARN  DJabberd.Component.External.Connection   Component sent 
{urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-tls}starttls stanza before handshake. 

How stable is the Component::External Plugin in djabberd? Anyone using 
it in production environment?

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