How to configure MUC?

Martin Atkins mart at
Thu Oct 26 16:52:13 UTC 2006

oliver oli wrote:
> Stupid question: is there another way to use an external component. can 
> i configure djabberd for an external component without using 
> <Subdomain>? Should I create another VHost with a fqdn and setup s2s 
> delivery between the two vhosts?

Yes, you could try that approach. As I said in reply to Artur, Subdomain 
is just a shorthand. If you are going to try two separate vhosts, I'd 
try the local delivery plugin first before relying on S2S, because S2S 
will add additional overhead in the communication between your vhosts 
and will require that your component domain have a resolvable domain 
name so that the main domain.

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